Monday, July 7, 2008

Sponsor Spotlight

The Official Running Store of the Classic

Without the help of Striders' fabulous owners and staff last year the Classic Race wouldn't have been a race at all. John and Kristin Wojciechowski donated hours of time, tons of race course supplies, swag and of course race expertise that was invaluable.

Striders is the official running store of The Classic Race and we're excited to have them as our partner for the 2008 race. They are located in Layton at 1986 N. Hillfield Road - but will soon be moving in to a new larger space just around the corner to 1776 N. Hillfield Road.

Striders opened its doors in February 2004 offering specialty running services including shoes, apparel, supplements as well as sponsoring local running events and training sessions. Once in their new space Striders will offer swimming and triathlon gear as well as lifestyle shoes and apparel. Visit them for all your running needs and online HERE.

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