Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Dream, A Goal, A Reality

Lynnette Hancock shares her thoughts about The Classic Race…

Doing a 5K has been a “dream” and goal for many years, but being overweight made it seem impossible. After losing 40 pounds by walking, I began to think maybe I could do a 5K. I was nervous because I knew I would have to walk most of it. When I went to Striders to sign up, the man there assured me that walking would be fine.

So I committed to doing the 5K.

Friday when I picked up my packet, a cute gal who was helping with the race asked my husband if he was going to be my cheerleader. He told her that he wasn’t going to be able to be there until the end, so she assured me that her husband would cheer for me. Saturday morning she found me and introduced me to her husband, Lane. Lane told me he would be there cheering for me.

Early Saturday morning the 10K runners started first. I made sure I was at the beginning of the 5K runners when they started off, because I knew it would be the last time I would be at the front. Sure enough…within three steps I had been passed by most of the runners. I did do some running but mostly walked. I was so tired the last half mile and was just dragging along. Another volunteer came up and said she would run with me. We ran a ways together, and she as so cute about it. Talk about positive reinforcement. As I approached the end, there was Lane. He was screaming “come on, Lynnette, you can do it!” I was impressed that not only was he cheering for me, he even called me by my first name.

Of course, I was near the end and some of the 10K runners had lapped me, yet I was touched by how many runners gave me a thumbs up or word of encouragement. The Classic was so well organized, and the people involved with it were the greatest. Crossing the finish line was an incredible high. Even now the race last year still stands out as a "significant moment" in my life that I won't forget. It was something I NEVER thought I could do. Despite arthroscopic knee surgery in February, I am planning to do the Cherry Days 5k in North Ogden and I completed another 5k prior to the surgery.

I DEFINITELY WILL BE DOING THE CLASSIC AGAIN. I'm still not any faster, but more determined--and another year older.

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