Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sponsor Spotlight

Welcome to the Sponsor Spotlight - where we feature our super sponsors. Anyone whose ever organized a race knows how incredibly important community support is. Here is our shout out to the sponsors that make The Classic Race possible.

"Putting People First - The Tradition Continues”

For over a century First National Bank has been providing financial services to Utah residents. On May 15, 1905 the first branch opened its doors to the public. Located in downtown Layton the original bank still stands today and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

More than 100 years later First National Bank has seven branches from Clearfield to Draper, Utah and employees more than 100 people. For more information visit their website HERE FIRST NATIONAL BANK

In 2007 First National Bank showed their dedication to the community by being a part of the Classic Race. They provided (among other things) ten volunteers who worked tirelessly to make last years race a true success. We're excited to have them on board again for the 2008 Classic Race!

Thanks First National Bank!

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