Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Stuff for the Classic Race

Don't worry, we're not going to change much. We know you love the race, you've told us that over and over. However, we do get a few ideas from all of our participants every year and we try to pull them into our planning for the next year.

One big thing we're doing this year is amping up the kids race. You may remember the KidsK that was part of The Classic Race last year. This year, we've brought it under our wing to really promote as a Classic Race event. The proceeds from this event will continue to go back to the kids. It will benefit an organization call Reach Out and Read. This encourages and enables kids to read and be read to. Here is a link to their national organization. The money will go to the local chapter here in northern Utah to support kids here in northern Utah. If you have any ideas about how to really make this an hot event for the kids, please let us know.

The Classic is going to remain a hot walk, 5k and 10k event. Every year you bring out more and more of your friends to have a great morning run with us in the park. Thanks to all of you for your support as we run to raise money for heart services in northern Utah. Every year, thanks to our sponsors who cover most of our costs, most of your entry fee goes directly into education, research, and equipment to improve the quality of healthcare in our community.

Gear up for our September 11th race this year. You can bet there will be some great surprises as we remember and thank our service men on this Patriot Day run.

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