Wednesday, July 22, 2009

6 Weeks Out, Oh My!

Holy Smokes... this summer is flying by and we are drawing close to race time. We've got some great stuff added to the race this year, and we've got some strong support again. As you know we're celebrating 25 years, and it'll be quite the celebration.

Some of the additions you'll see this year!
  • Kids Races: The Reach Out and Read Program will be having a 1 mile kids race immediately following our races. They are also bringing out all kinds of vendors and fun activities for your kids. Check out the Reach Out and Read Program on the web to learn more about the program, or register for the kids races on

  • Maize Days: The Davis Arts Council is hosting Maize Days this year the same weekend as the race. This means that there will be all kinds of activities Friday and Saturday. Make a weekend in Layton for the family with the race and Maze Days. Heck make it a whole week and come Labor Day weekend for the Antelope Island Balloon and Kite Stampede.

  • Faster Awards and Drawings: We've revamped the awards ceremony and drawings. We'll still have tons of prizes to give away - special thanks to all our sponsors for that - but, we'll do it in half the time if that. I've been challenged to do awards in under 30 minutes, I may be done in 15. Come see if I can do it!

Some of the same things you'll see this year!
  • We're keeping the course. You like it. I like it. The city likes it. Why would we change it then? The course will be a slick as last year, with a few changes to how we start the race this year to help with the bottleneck as we get on the Bamburger Trail.

  • Awesome Shirts! Most runners know when they come to The Classic Race they get a sweet shirt. We've outdone ourselves again. This year not only do you get an excellent long-sleeve dri fit shirt that you'll want to wear all winter long, you'll be saving the environment at the same time. Our shirts this year are a bamboo/poly blend. If you've never run in a bamboo/poly shirt, don't miss out on this one. The shirt has the same great moisture technology, but it's more comfortable. The bamboo is really soft and feels great on your skin - if you can even feel it!

  • Great price! Even though we are raising funds for Heart Services, we are committed to keeping this race affordable for families. This year we lowered our prices - thanks again to all of our sponsors stepping up so we could do this. Each race is only $25 bucks. No more diliberating between the races because of price. Everyone gets the same shirt, everyone pays the same fee.

  • Family friendly walk. The walk will remain an uncompetitive (untimed) walk. Historically the walk has been a walk int he park for family and friends. It all started with a group of friends trying to raise money for the family of a co-worker that died of a heart attack leaving his family. It quickly grew to a reunion of rejoicing for the ability to exercise for many patients that had had heart incidents. The walk in the park will remain an uncompetitive (untimed), friendly walk for anyone that want to come out and rejoice in the ability to exercise.
Registration is now open for the 25th Annual Classic Race. Get registered now before our 800 guaranteed shirts run out!

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